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Journal of Animal Health and Production

Research Article
J. Anim. Health Prod. 7(3): 85-91
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Haider Ayad Kathem*, Mohammed Jaweed Alwan

Department of pathology and poultry disease, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq.

Abstract | Toxic effect of silver nanoparticles (50 nm) on the male reproductive tract of mice was tried to find out in this study. Two groups with 10 male white mice (8-10 weeks old) each were investigated. For 35 days, one group was administered orally with 0.4 mL suspension of silver nanoparticles @ 10mg/Kg of body weight while the other one was administered with the same quantity of normal saline as control. Weight of mice, its testis and spleen was measured whereas histopathology was performed with tissues from epididymis. Compared to control, a decrease in the mean body weight and weight of testis was noted while it was vice versa for spleen. A high percentage of dead and abnormal sperm along with decrease in serum testosterone concentration was observed in treated mice. Histopathology revealed abnormal arrangement, deformity, atrophy, degeneration, and necrosis of epithelial cells of somniferous tubules. The study concludes potential of silver nanoparticles to penetrate the blood-testcal barrier and induce pathological changes in the testis and deformity of the sperms with reduction in their number.

Keywords | Silver nanoparticles, Reproductive tract, Mice, Toxic effect