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Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 7(3): 81-84
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Santu Mondal*, Mukesh Bhakat, Ajeet Singh, Tushar Kumar Mohanty, Muzamil Abdullah 

National Dairy Research Institute, India.

Abstract | The libido problem is quite common in Zebu breeding bulls at tropical condition. When Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BSE) is normal, assessing the libido problem is complicated in adult breeding bulls.The present study was conducted to investigate the peripheral luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone levels in Zebu breeding bulls.The single dose of exogenous GnRH (10µg buserelin acetate, intramuscular) administrated in each animal of normal libido bulls (n=3) and poor libido bulls (n= 3). The jugular blood samplings were done at 1 h, 0 h (GnRH injection) followed by up to 6 h at 1 h interval. The average basal concentration, 1 to 6 h post-GnRH administration concentration (PGA) and Area under the curve (AUC) for testosterone, LH hormones were compared between the groups. The basal concentration of testosterone and LH hormones were found significantly higher (p<0.05) in poor libido bulls than normal libido bulls. The PGA and AUC were not significantly differed between the two groups. It was clear that the peripheral rhythm of testosterone and LH hormones were not useful to trace the libido problem in Zebu breeding bulls at the breeding centre.

Keywords | Zebu bulls, Libido, GnRH, Testosterone, LH