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Journal of Animal Health and Production

Review Article
J. Anim. Health Prod. 7(2): 38-42
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Devender Kumar, Akshay Kumar , Pratyush Kumar, Chhote Lal Yadava, Sumit PrakashYadav

Post Graduate Institute of Veterinary Education And Research, Jaipur, (RAJUVAS), India.

Abstract | Ovarian affections are one of the most common causes of infertility in ruminants. These degenerations affect the reproductive health as well production of the animals. These affections include cystic ovarian degeneration, ovarian tumours, ovaro-bursal adhesion, aplasia or hypotrophy of ovarian tissues. These ovarian affections are generally uncommon in bitches or less reported as most of these cases remain undiagnosed due to technical failure as well as unawareness of owner. Ovarian cysts and ovarian tumours are of great clinical relevance as they are hormonally active structures responsible for the improper signs of the estrus. Presence of follicular cyst for a long time maybe one of the possible causes of pyometra which can be life threatening in untreated cases. The treatment of such cases includes hormonal therapy (GnRH or HCG). Whenever the female presents degenerative cystic uterine diseases or pyometra and it is not intended to reproduction or the clinical condition does not respond to medical therapy, it has been suggested that ovario-hysterectomy will be curative in such conditions.

Keywords | Bitches, Cyst, Ovarian affection, Ovario-hysterectomy, Estrus