Journal of Animal Health and Production

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J. Anim. Health Prod. 9(2): 156-163
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Ahsan Naveed1*, Sajjad Ur Rahman1, Muhammad Sharif2, Ahmad Saleem2, Muhammad Hamayun1, Nattan Stalin2

1Institute of Microbiology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan; 2Department of Veterinary Pathology, Chonnam National University, South Korea.

Abstract | The biological effects of idiotype antibodies in immune modulation against diseases have been described in various studies. Idiotype vaccine is a novel alternative approach to immunize animals against various contagious diseases. The recombinant subunit vaccines and antibody-based vaccine does not result in post-vaccine outbreaks as it is devoid of viral structural and non-structural proteins. Three inactivated serotypes of foot-and-mouth disease virus (A, Asia-1, O) were injected into the goats. The serum containing a high antibody titer was proceeded for the separation of idiotype antibodies via octanoic acid-ammonium sulfate precipitation. The fragment antigen-binding (Fab) components of idiotype antibodies were separated and purified. Two different concentrations of Fab idiotype were used as antigens in the layer birds for the development of anti-idiotype antibodies that were used as FMD virus surrogates in rabbits. The production of anti-idiotype antibodies in egg yolk was detected through the agar gel immunoprecipitation test (AGPT) and western blot. The birds immunized with 10 mg mL-1 of idiotype perfectly produced anti-idiotype antibodies at day 14 post-immunization. Antibody titer of anti-idiotype antigen was significantly high with a peak titer of 83% at 45-day post-immunization. The caprine anti-FMD virus idiotype has the potential to successfully produce anti-idiotype in layer birds. Anti-idiotype antigens may be a good alternative as virus surrogates in vaccine development. Layer birds are the potential experimental source for the bulk production of anti-idiotype antibodies.

Keywords | Antibody, AGPT, Caprine, Foot-and-mouth disease, Idiotype